Zoraki 925-T - 9mm pepper/teargas/blanks pistol, black Full Auto

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The ZORAKI MOD 925 is a compact UZI that comes with one 16-round and one 26-round magazine straight out of the box. 

Nice feature to this gun is that:

  1. it has a polymer frame which makes it really lightweight and portable.
  2. No slide, just an AR_15 style cocking lever at the rear w/ an internal slide.

Designed for self-defense, the Zoraki 925-T pistol features a compact 94mm slide and unique dimensions of 190mm from muzzle to rear and 137mm from top of slide to base of magazine. Loaded with 16 rounds, this 9mm gun is versatile with pepper, teargas, and blank ammunition. With the 26 shot magazine, this extends out to 193mm. Something like this, you’d normally pull out from under the seat, out the glove box or from a piano-hinging large pistol case. This pistol has a fully functional slide release to reset the interior slide.

If you observe this whilst cocking the gun when loaded, you should be able to observe the cartridge being chambered. Otherwise, this mini uzi operates just as an automatic pistol would – firing semi-automatic and discharging the brass casings through the ejection port one of the other as you fire the gun. In terms of handling, this pistol does have proper ambidextrous finger rests, slightly grooved out.

The magazine buttplate creates a flush appearance at the base of the handle and is only slightly curved.

Lastly, on the left face of the gun, whilst we do have what appears to be a fire selector, we cannot claim on our end that this gun or atleast the imported models, are capable of discharging fully automatic, as the fire selector cannot navigate to the A / AUTOMATIC dial position / doesn’t want to budge in that direction. We believe an internal blocker to be at work here… This being aside from the BLOW SWAT, which in itself is comparably more beefier.

Semi & Full Automatic – Double Action

Mechanism lock by side button when out of cartridge

Magazine release button at the side

Hardened steel reinforced hidden cock

Hardened steel cock latch (only in full-auto model)

Hardened steel shell launcher and puller extractor

Steel-reinforced zinc alloy mechanism (slide)

Polymer outer frame

Closable window when throwing cartridge

Easy, ergonomic pull lever mechanism

Capability to shoot firework and signal flare

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