Following Pylontech batteries are affected:
• US2000C
• US3000C
• UP5000
The batteries can be identified by the first three digits of the serial number on the battery. If the
serial number starts with the following:
Where XX can be either 21 or 22
Alternatively, the battery can be identified by the serial number stock on the front of the battery
instead of the top:

The following inverters are affected:
• OG-PLUS5.48
• OG-7.2
• OGS5.6
To identify if your specific inverter is affected please take a look at the U2 version of the firmware.
This can be done on the main screen and pressing the down arrow button until you see U2:
(firmware version). The following firmware versions are affected:
• OG-PLUS5.48 – U2: 102.71
• OG-7.2 – U2: 112.14
• OGS5.6 – U2: 36.01(Please note the 3 dots in the middle between the numbers 36 and 01)
Once you have identified that your product is affected, please follow the following steps.

The following is required to successfully update the battery firmware:
• RS232 to USB cable Kit. Can be purchased here.
• New BatteryView for Pylontech battery. Can be found here.
• Firmware for battery. Can be found here.
1. Using the RS232 to USB cable kit, plug the USB into your laptop or computer and the RJ45
side into the “console” port on the battery.

2. Switch on the battery using the power switch.
3. Open the BatteryView program. Do not unzip the program from the .zip folder. Click on
BatteryView to open the program.


4. Once the program has opened, press “Connect”.

5. A new window will pop up, press “OK” to connect

6.Once connected, press “Start Scan”

7.Click on option and then choose update

8. A new screen will pop up, to choose the firmware file click on Browse

9.Select the firmware file. It should end in a .bin extension:

10. After selecting the file click on Program to start the update

10.Once the progress shows 100% press Complete and the update is now done.


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