Vesta Defense PDW.50 Kit– Self Defense Pistol -14 Joule

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Kit Includes

  • 1 x Vesta Defense PDW.50
  • 10 x 12g CO2
  • 10 x Pepper Balls
  • 100 x Riot Balls


The new Defense Training Marker Vesta PDW.50 shoots ammunition in caliber .50 and is powered by a 12g Co2 capsule. In an emergency, the weapon with Co2 is ready for use at lightning speed, since the Co2 capsule can be left in the weapon and pierced by a targeted blow if necessary ( Panic Button ). The Co2 gun impresses with its simple operation. A charge level indicator on the back of the slide shows at any time whether the compressed air weapon is ready to fire.

The ammunition is filled directly into the RAM weapon under the barrel. The magazine holds 6 shots. You can fill your air gun with rubber balls as well as with paintballs, pepper ammunition or plastic balls.

The housing and the pistol slide are made of impact and scratch-resistant plastic. The barrel and other inner parts, however, made of metal. The backup is carried out manually via a trigger protection. The exhaust of the compressed air gun is a double action trigger. For aiming, the RAM pistol is attached to the cinnamon and grain. However, the crossing is rigid. Below the barrel, RAM-Waffe offers you a 21mm Picatinny mounting rail.

The Vesta Defense PDW50 is suitable for left-handed and right-handed people!

This makes the Vesta PDW.50 easy and safe to use, even for beginners.


  • Suitable for .50 caliber rounds (rubber, paintball, pepper)
  • Easy and safe handling even for amateurs
  • Trigger safety
  • Ready to use in a flash thanks to quick tapping (panic button)
  • Charge indicator on the back of the slide
  • Picatinny rail
  • High-quality plastic body and internal parts made of metal
  • Double action trigger


User Manual


Caliber: .50
System: Co2 Non Blow Back
Ammunition type: BBs
Magazine capacity: 6 rounds
Deduction: Double action
Handle bowls: plastic
Color: black
Security: Deductible security
Weight: 686 g
Overall length: 216 mm

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