Ultra Sonic Distance Meter Measuring Tool

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- It is a perfect tool to quickly know the distance. Area and volume of a room
- Can be used indoors & outdoors, with
- Laser Pointer function to determine target distance to be measured.
- A professional, accurate and reliable measurement tool.
- Uses reflected ultrasonic waves to accurately calculate measurements
- LED with back light allows for night-time usage.
- Convenient and light-weight, ideal companion for construction jobs and home building

- Power supply: 1 x 9v Alkaline Battery (not included)
- Unit of measurement Feet or Meters
- Measure Distance From 2 Feet to 60 Feet (0.5m to 18.288m)
- Area, volume, addition, subtraction calculation
- Frequency: 40kHz (ultrasonic pickup)
- Working temperature: 32Degees F to 109.4 Degree F( 0 Degress Celsius + 43 Degrees Celsius)
- Resolution 0.01M or 1/2 Inch
- LCD with Backlight

What's in the box
Ultrasonic Distance Measurer

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