SPA Artemis PP750 PCP Air Gun Rifle 5.5mm .22 cal


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SPA Artemis PP750 PCP Air Gun Rifle 5.5mm .22 cal

The Artemis PP750 is a very nice crossover between an air rifle and an air pistol, thanks to the buttplate, mounted on two extendable steel sliding rods that can be extended to a lockable stock.

The filling pressure of the air cylinder is 250 bar and thanks to a valve that acts as a regulator, the pressure will stay consistent independent of the pressure in the cylinder. Cocking is done with a sidelever and the trigger pull is adjustable.

This Artemis PP750 comes with open sights, but also features a dovetail rail for mounting a rifle scope or red dot. Magazine included.

5.5 mm
Power source PCP
Fill pressure (bar) 250
Energy (Joule) 14
Velocity (m/s / fps) 229 - 4.5 mm
168 - 5.5 mm
Magazine Capacity  7
Weight (gram) 1470
Barrel Length (mm) 200
Total length (mm) 406
Mounting rail type Dovetail (11mm)
Stock material Wood / Aluminium

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