Solid Steel Knuckle Duster | Black or Silver

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Solid Steel Knuckle Duster | Black or Silver


 Knuckle Dusters are made out of solid steel which are almost indestructible. The are the perfect self defense weapon. Lightweight and easily fits in your pocket. Designed to preserve and concentrate a punch's force by directing it toward a harder and smaller contact area, they result in increased tissue disruption, including an increased likelihood of fracturing the victim's bones on impact.


Excellent self defense product

Very solid metal

Appears very formidable and deters attackers

Protects fingers and knuckles from bruising

Fits most hands / knuckles


Finish: Black or Silver

Length: 4.4 inches

Weight: 3.6 ounces

Material: Stainless Steel

Diameter of Finger Holes: 0.8 inches





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