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The RETAY P114 is a subcompact semi-automatic pistol w/ chopped hammer (not striker fired). It features a polymer frame w/ a stipped grip panel sloping across the backstrap and horizontal serrations that are etched through the cantilevered but otherwise featureless middle-digit contact points with the handle . Like all polymer/metal hybrid blank guns, it has a metal slide. Cocking serrations are located only at the rear and when racking the slide, the somewhat-stiff out-of-the-box blowback spring becomes apparent. The sights are slightly raised to lend some realism to the pistol.

This pistol does not feature a magazine release button nor a slide catch release lever, but instead, like a Makarov, this pistol has a slightly serrated tab behind the magazine buttplate which, once depressed backward, allows for the magazine to be pulled free. At this time, if the slide is caught, the slide will reset and the user should exercize caution to prevent the slide, with the force of the blowback rod, from biting his/her hand between the slide and ejection port as this can be painful to inexperienced gun handlers.

The pistol strips by twisting the takedown lever 90° downward, whereafter it can punched out from the opposite side. Once punched through, the slide can be retracted to maximum, then slipped off the frame. Once taken off (by bringing the slide forward, then removing it), one will notice the breech and barrel assembly, which is fixed to the frame and cannot be removed like on a centre fire pistol. The blowback rod and its spring comes out for inspection and if need be, maintenance or replacement work can be carried out at this point.

Overall, the polymer frame lends a pleasant weight reduction to what might otherwise been a few stones worth of weight in one's handbag, bellyband, EDC bag or holster. Reassembling the pistol after it is field strip may prove trying to those inexperienced, however, and the limited 5+1 magazine capacity may make some reconsider this pistol as a go-to for self defence. This pistol will need some training with to get accustomed to, especially those not familiar with subcompact pistols, though once familiarized with, this pistol can be and has proven itself as a boon to trail runners, cyclists and urban joggers in general whose need for a featherweight blank gun that has no hammer action (which can accidentally be pulled back by getting caught on clothing or such, which is dangerous when carrying one up in the chamber) has been satisfied by this pistol.

Whilst not as user-friendly as the BLOW MINI 9, the chopped hammer does seem to be a significant determining factor for users when deciding between either or.



  • Caliber: 9 mm P.A.K Magazine
  • Capacity: 6+1
  • Safety: Trigger safety
  • Length: 130 mm
  • Height: 100 mm
  • Weight: 488 gr
  • Trigger: Single action
  • System: Semi-automatic


They are also not firearms but as far as safety goes
it should be treated as one even though it does not fire a projectile. Do not expect the performance of a firearm from a blank/pepper pistol because
by definition they are not designed to perform as firearms. Emptying multiple/several magazines filled WITH CARTRIDGES CONSECUTIVELY IS ABUSE
of the product. One can also not make any alterations to the product as that will void the limited warranty, Stripping the product voids the
warranty, Removing the barrel plugs or rods from the barrel also voids the limited warranty and is also illegal.

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