Remote Control for PC Laptop Netbook Media Centre XBMC Powerpoint Presentat

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This device is ideal for anyone using their pc or laptop as a mutli-function multimedia device
This PC Remote Controller, with the USB IR Receiver, can be used to operate your PC
easily and conveniently like any standard home appliance remote.
You can shut down PC, run , close software, watch movies, scan websites, browse photos
and play music videos, etc, just by pressing keys of the PC Remote Controller.

It can also be used as wireless mouse!

Product Features:
-USB IR receiver:
Receiving signals from remote controller and transfer it to PC by USB port.
-Wireless mouse function.
Support software:
- WMP, RealPlayer, KMplayer, TTPlay, WinDVD, PowerDVD XBMC Windows Media Centre
-A,B,C,D hotkey: Each key can be set to open software
-Slim, easy and portable

What's in the box
Remote, USB Receiver

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