Powerful Pistol Crossbow 50Lbs

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Man Kung Company was established in 1988. They are designers and manufacturers of high-quality crossbows, slingshots, blowguns, knives, and related products. The company always strives hard to bring out the most innovative design to meet the current market demands. Quality is a crucial thing to Man Kung due to which it has gained a high reputation from both domestic and international clients.
Moreover, Man Kung is trying to provide the best products at an affordable price range. Man Kung has outstanding customer service too, and they encourage their employee to improve their work quality.
Today, Man Kung is a professional crossbow manufacturer, supplier, and also exporter in Taiwan who sells its products to many different countries, providing the best archery crossbow products to all their customers worldwide.





50 LBS – 150 FPS. The Man Kung MK-50A1/5PL pistol crossbow is especially suitable for shooting in tight spaces, due to its compact construction and low weight. The shooting speed of this MK-50A1/5PL is lower than the shooting speed of the MK-80A1 and the MK-80A3, but that is due to the also lower draw weight. The limb of this crossbow is made of flexible metal instead of fiberglass which is more rigid. Unlike the MK-80A1 and the MK-80A3, this crossbow is not equipped with a foot stirrup, because such a stirrup is not necessary for the amount of draw weight that is required. However, this crossbow does come with a cocking bracket and a safety switch.

Draw weight: 50 LBS
Velocity: 150 FPS – 46 m/s
Accurate up to 10 meters
Overall Weight: 399 grams
Length: 32,5 cm
Width: 41,9 cm
Metal limb
Plastic barrel

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