120lbs Recurve Crossbow

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Description of MK-120 Recurve Crossbow


120 LBS – 185 FPS. The Man Kung MK-120 recurve crossbow is very compact due to its futuristic design. The stock of this crossbow is closely attaches to the grip, which causes the sight to be position above the stock. This construction does not come at the expense of velocity: its shooting speed is nearly similar to that of some bigger crossbows like the MK-160B and MK-160AC. Just like those crossbows, this MK-120 is equipped with a foot stirrup and a safety switch.

Draw weight: 120 LBS
Velocity: 185 FPS – 56 m/s
Accurate up to 30 meters
Weight: 1647 grams
Length: 78,7 cm
Width: 66,0 cm
Rail type: 11 mm dovetail
Fiberglass limb
Aluminum barrel
Including 2  14 inch aluminum crossbow bolts

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