Man Kung 150LBS Crossbow with Wooden Handle

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Man Kung Company was established in 1988. They design and manufacture high-quality crossbows, slingshots, blowguns, knives, and related products in this field. Man Kung also strives hard to bring out the most innovative design that has easy to use mechanism to meet the current market demands. In fact, quality is a very important thing to Man Kung due to which it has gained a high reputation from both domestic and international customers.

Moreover, Man Kung is strongly trying to provide the best products at an affordable price range. In fact, Man Kung has very good customer service too and they encourage their employee to improve the quality of their work as well.

Today, Man Kung is a professional crossbow manufacturer, supplier, and also exporter in Taiwan. They are providing the best archery crossbows products to all their customers around the world.



150 LBS – 210 FPS. The Man Kung MK-150A1 recurve crossbow has been one of the world’s best-selling crossbows for decades. This crossbow is almost the same as the MK-150A1PB, but unlike that model, it is equipped with a wooden stock and a wooden front handle. That gives it a classic look. Just like the MK-150A1PB, it is equipped with automatic safety so that you can shoot safely. The sight is adjustable in height and can be corrected for the wind. This crossbow comes with 2 bolts.

Draw weight: 150 LBS
Velocity: 210 FPS – 64 m/s
Accurate up to 45 meters
Weight: 2545 grams
Length: 86,4 cm
Width: 66,0 cm
Rail type: 11 mm dovetail
Fiberglass limb
Aluminium barrel
Including 2 Man Kung 14 inch aluminium crossbow bolts

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