Lyman Trimmer Plus Case Conditioning Kit

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Lyman Trimmer Plus Case Conditioning Kit


The Lyman Universal Case Trimmer Kit Plus Case Conditioning Kit is the perfect kit for any reloader that is looking to add a reliable case trimmer and case preparation kit to their reloading setup.

Metallic cases stretch as a result of both the firing process and the subsequent resizing process. When cases reach a certain dimension, the original case length must be restored through trimming. The Lyman Universal Case Trimmer features the patented Lyman Universal Chuckhead which allows the reloader to quickly lock and unlock a cartridge case and handles any case from .17 caliber to the 458 Winchester Magnum without the need for costly collets. Other features of the Lyman Universal Trimmer include an adjustment ring that allows you to dial in the approximate trimmer setting for ease of repeatability, fine and course length adjustments. After trimming is complete the Case Conditioning kit is used to ensure that primer pockets are cleaned and ready for priming while the chamfer and deburring tool removes any burrs and produces a slight chamfer on the inside of the case mouth for smooth and effortless bullet seating.






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