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PCP lovers are well aware of the Turkish company Hatsan, 
which stands out for being one of the best in the compressed air sector.
In 2024 they will release several new rifles, among them the Tac Boss stands out, which will not leave anyone indifferent.
It has 2 interchangeable handles: one made of wood and the other synthetic.

It incorporates a 580 cc carbon fiber tank and 250 bars of maximum pressure. With a power of 24 joules, the maximum speed allowed in Spain, but it can be increased to 50 joules, depending on the caliber and always under the responsibility of the shooter.

  • Caliber 4.5 mm: can be increased up to 29 joules.
    * Caliber 5.5 mm: can be increased up to 42 joules.
  • The Hatsan Tac Boss exists in 3 different calibers: 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm and 6.35 mm.  Coated, fluted steel barrel, which improves the precision of the weapon and also incorporates a sound moderator, to make it quieter.

    The ambidextrous stock that it has is made of aluminum, tactical type, with rubber butt pad and support piece, adjustable in both height and length, and the cheek piece is only adjustable in height. Includes accessory for the buttplate, for competition shooting.


It incorporates 2 pressure gauges: tank pressure and regulator pressure. Patented anti-knock system to prevent accidental discharge of the rifle. Manual safety, adjustable trigger.

This carbine is provided with a 22 mm picatinny upper rail, as well as 2 other side rails and a lower one, to be able to attach optical accessories, such as a flashlight, laser, etc.

Power: 24 joules.
Available in calibers: 4.5 mm, 5.5 mm and 6.35 mm.
Carbon fiber tank: 580 cc capacity and 250 bars of pressure.
Precision rifled jacketed barrel with sound suppressor.
Includes 3 detachable magazines with capacity for 18 pellets in 4.5 mm, 16 in 5.5 mm and 14 in 6.35 mm.
2 slots in the stock for spare magazines.
Quick fill nozzle.
Ambidextrous aluminum stock, tactical type.
22 mm Picatinny rail.
3 accessory picatinny rails under the forearm and sides.
Height adjustable cheek pad.
Rubber corner guard with adjustable support piece in length and height.
Includes buttplate accessory for competition shooting.
2 pressure gauges, tank pressure and regulator pressure.
Patented anti-knock system to prevent accidental discharge of the rifle.
Manual safety.
Adjustable trigger.
Black metal trigger.
Maximum muzzle velocity 318 m/s in 4.5 mm, 297 m/s in 5.5 mm and 277 m/s in 6.35 mm.
Number of shots per tank up to 95 in 4.5 mm, 90 in 5.5 mm and 80 in 6.35 mm.
Length: 1,040 mm.
Barrel length: 520 mm.
Weight 3,600 gr.

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