Hatsan Air Rifle Galatian 5 5,5mm

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Hatsan Air Rifle Galatian 5 5,5mm


Barrel – 19.7? long precision threaded (500 mm), Hatsan Arms fully covered with metal guard. The narrowing at the barrel’s exit called the pivot point improves the accuracy of the rifle, especially when shooting over long distances. The quality of the barrel affects accuracy, it is one of the most important elements of any weapon and air gun.

Cartridge – an interchangeable 255 cc compressed air tank. Fully charged allows for 50 effective shots (data for FAC* version). Built-in pressure gauge allows you to control the pressure in the tank, and thus the level of its charge. A swivel cover ring protects the charging port from damage and dust. When the compressed air is drained, an empty tank can be replaced by a new one filled (optional). This is a solution for people who do not take a PCP pump or cylinder to the shooting range.

Stock – from a selected Turkish nut. Corrugated shuttle and pistol grip for better control and grip. Profiled Monte Carlo cheek cushion for easy folding and aiming. Adjustable rubber foot for right and left-handed people. Thanks to the possibility of adjustment, the process of setting up the air gun according to your own preferences and shooting style is quick and uncomplicated.

Mounting rail – a double 11 mm / 22 mm mounting rail allows you to mount any optical scope. Additional picatinny rail placed on the stock.

Magazine – Clip Magazine A with a capacity of 10 to 14 pellets depending on the calibre. Reloading is done by means of Bolt Action lever located on the right side of the rifle. It pulls the “clip”, turns the magazine and introduces new shot into the barrel chamber. Three magazines are included.

Lock chamber – made of aircraft aluminium finished with white nickel alloy, decorated with engraving. The remaining elements are covered with blue finish oxide.

Additional equipment – drain plug / cap / adapter (air cylinder discharging cap) for draining pressure from the cartridge. Quick-Fill nozzle for quick air filling of the tank with a PCP (Hatsan Hand Pump) or technical / diving cylinder (300 bar). Allen wrench set of o-rings, silicone gaskets. Metal rotating knobs for attaching the belt to the gun (included) or suspension and bipod. The set is packed in a rigid polymer suitcase.

Galatian V Auto is equipped with a number of solutions to improve comfort and safety:
Anti-Knock System – a patented system to prevent loss of compressed air in the event of a mechanical impact by a air gun.
TruGlo – Removable fibre-optic aiming devices with contrasting glass fibre colours allow for precise shooting even in low light. Red bow, green toothbrush with vertical and horizontal adjustment.
Manual safety , prevents an uncontrolled shot.

Technical data:
Model: Galatian 5
Type: PCP air gun
Initial energy: up to 17 J
Overall length: 1068.0 mm / 42.0?
Barrel length: 500.0 mm / 19.7?
Weight: 3.7 kg / 8.1 lbs
The capacity of the cartouche: 255cc
Manufacturer: Hatsan Arms, Turkey

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