H&N Pellets Baracuda Hunter 5.5 (200)

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H&N Baracuda Hunter 5.5mm Pellets

Air gun pellet with advanced development of Baracuda design. Heavy, exceptionally accurate hunting pellet for long ranges. Advanced development of Baracuda design with best aerodynamic properties for maximum impact, high penetration and controlled deformation of pellet. Tight shot groups. Smooth with deep hollow point.
Calibre: .22 Cal.
Weight: 18.21 Gr
Min. Muzzle Energy: 18.5 Ft.lbs
Max. Distance: 50 M
Bc: 0.026
Content Of Tin: 200 Pcs.
Medium Game: Racoon, Hare, Fox, Prairie Dog etc.
Medium Bird Game: Duck, Goose, Pheasant, Black grouse etc.

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