GI Sportz 50cal Field Paintballs: Box of 2000

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GI Sportz 50cal Field Paintballs: Box of 2000


G.I. Sportz Inc. produces and markets paintballs for professional players. The Company, now known as KORE OUTDOOR Inc., was founded by a group of Professional Paintball Players and Business Owners. They have the vision to deliver the paintball players, dealers, and paintball field owners the most unique and innovative products. They aim to improve the level of performance, quality, and overall playing experience. Moreover, their staff is highly knowledgeable in their fields and uses their extensive playing experience and business knowledge to create unique new products evolving and elevating the game to new heights. The Company now offers goggles, markers, loaders, gears, bags, casual apparel, including shirts, hoodies, jackets, tanks, and also accessories. 


Description of GI Sportz 50cal Field Paintballs: Box of 2000


Box of 2000 x 50cal Paintballs

Orange Fill

*** Please note that these are 50caliber paintballs and do not work in the traditional 68cal markers. Markers that shoot 50cal include  Tippmann markers, JT Splatmaster, etc. These paintballs are great whether you’re an amateur or a pro. Paintballs are designed for recreational use, with orange fill that’ll come off easily after combat.

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