Reximex Throne 5.5mm PCP Air Rifle Gen 2


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Reximex throne Gen 2 is both technically outstanding and designed to be customizable according to your needs. Its versatile design gives the user comfort in handling, cocking and carry around.

2 Way-Interchangeable cocking lever adapts perfectly for both right and left-hand use. Trigger sensitivity can easily be adjusted and the trigger shoe can also be adjusted in 4-directions, right, left, up and down.

Butt-pad is specially designed for user comfort, and could be adjusted in order to give the user a better aiming and handling opportunity.

throne Gen 2 is REGULATED. Regulator & Hammer adjustments are standard in throne Gen 2 so you can get better accuracy and stability every shot.

Muzzle velocity (FPS) can easily be adjusted up or down from the power adjustment knob. You can increase the shot count depending on your location or conditions by decreasing the muzzle velocity.

Reximex Pre-Chamber technology makes it possible to reach much higher & stable velocities.

It also provides a significant increase in the number of shots as a result of reaching high velocity values at lower regulator pressure and consuming the stored air in the optimum way.

It has total of 425cc light aluminum air tube and has approximately 7 rounds of magazine capacity between 250 bar and 100 bar in one fill. You can increase your shot count by easily removing the air tube and switching it with a spare one.

The 11-22 mm PICANTINNY RAIL system is in accordance with the MILSPEC standards. Scope or various accessories can easily be mounted and customized

throne Gen 2 includes an integrated sound moderator that offers you the maximum sound suppression. ½ “ UNF universal threads are also included in the design for extra accessories like moderators.

With the help of the High-Tech components used and the special design, throne Gen 2 weighs only 3,75 kg and creates a difference in the market.

With Air-Tube easy de-gassing system, throne Gen 2 offers safety and convenience during transportation. There is also a Burst-Disc located on the air-tube in order to prevent air pressure reaching dangerous levels during fill.

throne Gen 2 comes standard with hard case. Case content includes 2 magazines, 1 single shot tray, various Allen keys and accessories, user’s manual and several target papers...

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