Fobus Shoulder Holster KRF Roto Adapter


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Fobus Shoulder Holster KRF Roto Adapter 


Shoulder Rig for all Fobus Rotating Holsters & Pouches

Mold injected Polymer with ventilated Cordura and Velcro fabrics
Product Mechanism:

Adjustable Velcro straps for different body shapes, connected to two Polymer triangle adaptors which allows attachment to all Fobus rotating holsters & pouches
How to use:

Wear the harness and adjust it to your body size by using the Velcro straps. Make sure the Polymer triangles are placed under your armpits, with one elastic strap behind your shoulders and another behind the middle of your back. Wrap the lower straps around your belt. Place your holster and pouch in horizontal positions for cross draw. Draw fast and decisive, in a horizontal line.



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