Duke Defence Pepper Storm Tripwire Kit

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The new Duke Defence Pepper Storm Tripwire Kit comes with a 4m tripwire and detailed instructions on how to set the unit. We suggest you use the 2 x mounting bracket options which have been purposely designed for the unit to burst and disperse its payload optimally.



  • No harmful chemicals
  • No primers
  • No thermal reactions
  • No fire or explosive hazard
  • Drop-safe with the safety pin and military-grade pressure spring



Sonic punch Approximately 130dB
Dispersion 5m pepper dispersion, 360 degrees
Weight 35g
Detonation time Approximately 1 second


Package Contents

  • 1 x Pre-Filled Plastic Bottle + Cap
  • 1 x Tension Spring
  • 1 x Centre Ring
  • 1 x CO2 Canister Holder
  • 1 x Pivot Handle
  • 1 x 12g CO2 Canister
  • 1 x Firing Head
  • 1 x 4m Tripwire Cord
  • 3 x Trigger Clips
  • 1 x Safety Clip

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