Beeman 1051GP | 4.5mm | Gas Ram | 1000fps

Beeman 1051GP | 4.5mm | Gas Ram | 1000fps

  • R 1,750.00

Beeman 1051GP | 4.5mm | Gas Ram | 1000fps

Scope not included

Teton Gas Ram .177 Description
The gas ram system is advanced technology that uses compressed gas, in a sealed self-contained unit that replaces the mainspring in a conventional air rifle. The air rifles cock like any other barrel cocking airgun, but the single cocking stroke compresses a cylinder of gas instead of a mainspring. When the trigger is pulled the compressed gas expands and drives the piston forward.


- Tireless gas ram power plant, a real advantages to hunters as unlike a steel mainspring a "gas ram" can never take a set, or tire with age
- Shorter lock time also aids in the field accuracy, as there is less time for the shooter to "pull" off target
- The air rifles reliable performance in any weather, smoother cocking effort, and more consistent power and velocities is truly a delightful airgun


- Caliber: .177
- Action: Break Barrel, Gas Ram powered
- Ammunition: Pellets
- Sights: Hooded Front
- Stock: European Hardwood
- Trigger: RS2, 2 Stage Adjustable
- Accuracy: c-t-c .20" at 10 Meters
- Velocity: 1000 FPS
- Length: 47.50"
- Weight: 8.50 lbs.

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