80LBS Pistol Crossbow | MK-80A4AL | 3 Aluminium Bolts Included-Self Cockin

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80 Lbs Pistol Crossbow | MK-80A4AL | 3 Aluminium Bolts Included


Feet Per Second 160
Width 16.5"
Length 17"
Power Stroke 5"
Draw Weight 80 lbs
Weight 1.62 lbs

80 LBS - 160 FPSThe Man Kung MK-80A4AL recurve pistol crossbow is, like our other pistol crossbows, especially suitable for use in confined spaces. The big advantage of this MK-80A4AL is its special drawing mechanism. By loosening the lever on the back of the crossbow and pulling it down, the string is pulled back and the bow is drawn (see also the second photo). Furthermore, this crossbow is equipped with a safety catch and an adjustable sight, which you can adjust to the desired shooting distance. It comes with 3 bolts. Because of its distinctive appearance, it is often called 'the Cobra'.

  • Draw weight: 80 LBS
  • Velocity: 160 FPS - 49 m/s
  • Accurate up to 15 meters
  • Weight: 898 grams
  • Length: 50,8 cm
  • Width: 41,9 cm
  • Fiberglass limb
  • Aluminium barrel

WARNING: DO NOT DRY FIRE. Never shoot a crossbow without a bolt. This may cause damage to you and the crossbow. WARRANTY expires upon dryfire.






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