Liquid Bullet 60ml Pepper Spray Including Pouch- Fogger

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60ml Liquid Bullet Pepper Spray Including Pouch- Direct Stream



Liquid Bullet is a unique product using Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) derived from hot Habenero peppers as its active ingredient combined with a powerful spice blend Super Formula
The Liquid Bullet formula was designed to replace Chemical Mace & all other tear gas aerosols
The quality, reliability & effectiveness of Liquid Bullet is second to none. Natural active ingredients, propellant blend & state-of the art delivery system makes Liquid Bullet far superior to competitive products.
You can be sure it will safely & effectively subdue all attackers.
Liquid Bullet has in field use proven superior to tear gas products in that it will control a drunk, psychotic, attack dogs as well as drug abusers.
Unlike tear gas, Liquid Bullet is effective on mucous membranes, physically preventing the attacker from further aggressive activity for up to thirty minutes with no after effects.
When an attacker receives a blast of Liquid Bullet, he will experience respiratory problems, choking & gagging.
This will occur within one to two seconds.
Liquid Bullet assures rapid knockdown & actually prevents life threatening physical confrontations.
Unlike the tear gas products Liquid Bullet is extremely effective on dogs & other animals.
Attack dogs can be effectively subdued with a short blast towards the eyes, nose & mouth.
There are no harmful after affects.
Direct stream sprays up to 9 meters.


  • 40g / 60ml
  • Height: 11cm
  • Diameter: 3.5cm
  • Two year shelf life

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