50 Watt LED Floodlight - 90% Energy Saving

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50W LED Floodlight - 90% Energy Saving  


LED floodlights offer: 

  • A lifespan five times longer than other lights, with a constant light
  • More efficient power consumption (estimated at a fifth of the regular costs of other lights)
  • Increased reliability
  • Less maintenance
  • No electromagnetic pollution
  • 50W Power
  • Colour Silver


Lighting Up Your Garden

A lot of people question the usefulness of this concept, but imagine if you light up your garden at night and you see your fantastic green and shrubs and trees transform into a beautiful play of light and dark? The whole idea of lighting a garden is to play with shadows and light contrasts. It is not necessarily there to dazzle. It can be used for purely functional purposes, including the ability to move safely and without fear of tripping. But do not forget the decorative potential that can help create an atmosphere and give new life to your outdoors as soon as the sun sets.

Anything can take another dimension with good lighting. Plants, trees, shrubs or massive a blaze in the night and can transform into majestic shades moving. Driveways, the terrace, and the front of your house can be adorned with new radiance. A fountain or a pool become real gems. The colors are fantastic. With these sets of lights, imagination has no limits and manufacturers have no shortage of ideas to offer even more ways to stimulate creativity. 

  • 50 watt pure led power consumption
  • 120 degree angle beam
  • brightness - 3400 lumens
  • cw - 6000 -+200k
  • light decay - 5%
  • life expectancy - over 50 000 hours
  • energy grading - a (excellent ) 90%
  • power 240 v

this is the new revolutionary light replacing all halogen ,hid ,pir and mercury vapor lamps .

uses are for industrial ,home and commercial .

proven to reduce electricity consumption by more than half on lighting bills

also available in 10, 20 watt ,50 watt and incredibly bright 100 watt floods. 






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