The Guerilla Lyster Yster Baton - Black, 20"

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The Guerilla Lyster Yster Baton - Black, 20"

is a Tactical Type G3 Mechanical Expandable Baton. When folded it is 235mm long, and can withstand large vertical forces when securely locked. The baton consists of three sections, a 26.5mm diameter rubber and aluminium handle, a 20.5mm diameter 6061 aluminium Alloy mid section and a 16mm diameter high-carbon steel business end.

The Lyser Yster come with a stern warning: In the act of self defence, you might suffer from severe injuries to multiple body parts that could lead to discomfort and hospitalization caused by the wielder of the Lyster yster. To prevent injuries, avoid any cruel intentions or any means of threat towards the wielder, failing to do so will result in your misfortune due to the simple fact that you just did not Lyster

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