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Retay F29 9mm P.A.K – Black

The Retay F29C is a semi-automatic starting pistol with a double-action USM. The model is somewhat similar to the Retay 84FS, except for a slightly different design of the shutter casing, as well as the magazine heel. Thanks to a good balance, the gun is comfortable in your hand. The double-sided fuse is intuitive to use. Designers have created the gun for shooting blank cartridges.

Characteristics of the Retay F29:

Dimensions, mm 170х130
Color black
Frame material light alloy (silumin)
Sighting devices Steel & Metal
Weight, kg 1,4
Number of rounds 9+1
Trunk (characteristics) Steel
Producer Retay
Additional information Contents: Box, neutral oil

About Retay Arms:

Retay Arms is a reputable brand known for its high-quality shotguns and blank pistols. Their shotguns are reliable and durable, making them popular among hunters, sport shooters, and security professionals. They offer a range of shotgun models, including pump-action and semi-automatic designs, with features like adjustable stocks and fiber optic sights for enhanced accuracy. Retay Arms also manufactures realistic blank pistols for training and theatrical purposes. Their commitment to customer satisfaction, innovation, and quality has earned them a solid reputation in the industry.

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Retay Website

These are not firearms but as far as the safety aspect goes-
these should be treated as a firearm even though blank guns do not fire a projectile. Do not expect the performance of a firearm from a blank/pepper pistol because
by definition they are not designed to perform as a firearm. Emptying multiple/several magazines filled WITH ROUNDS CONSECUTIVELY AMOUNTS TO ABUSE
of the product. Any alterations to the product as that will void the limited warranty, Stripping of the product voids the
warranty, Removing the barrel plugs or rods from the barrel will also void the limited warranty and is also considered illegal.

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