Orion Hunter Paintball Marker 68cal

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The HK Army SABR Paintball Marker offers an affordable entry level experience with a durable aluminum body that can withstand intense gameplay. Maintenance is a breeze thanks to the quick release Delrin bolt, and the included 12 inch ported barrel ensures precise shooting from the start. Plus, the SABR is compatible with autococker barrel upgrades for future customization options.


The SABR Paintball Marker features a patented internal gas through grip for improved ergonomics and a streamlined design. It can run on either CO2 or compressed air, depending on your air system budget and availability at your local field. Adjusting the velocity is a breeze with clear markings and the included Allen Key to meet FPS limits. The adjustable clamping feed neck ensures secure attachment of any size hopper to the top of the marker.


The SABR Paintball Marker comes with a HK Army barrel cover, parts kit, and everything you need for maintenance, making it the perfect choice for entry level players.

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