X8 Police Stun Baton with Built In LED Torch | 10 Million Volts | 40cm

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X8 Police Stun Baton with Built In LED Torch | 10 Million Volts | 40cm



3 lighting levels
1 stage continuous light (Super Light) 2 stage continuous light (weak) level 3 warning lights (Super Light)

This stun gun is made for people in the security service, for professional driver or for self-protection in the private sphere as it is not suitable due to its length of about 34 cm for concealed carry. Its advantages are firstly the mighty power which he offers with its 10 million volts, as well as very useful in the security sector and the private benefit multi-function flashlight with different light programs. As a major advantage count in each case, the replaceable, commercially available batteries the usability of this stun gun over the life of the about 500-700 charges the permanently installed battery out longer. With this of course is also a matching charger.

By pressing the spring-loaded trigger caused high-voltage arc between the contacts at the upper edge of the housing of the device. You make an attacker on contact effectively and in a flash incapacitate without leaving any permanent injury to him. The discharges cause an electric shock in the neuromuscular system of the attacker.



  •  Output voltage: 10 Million Volt 
  • Material: aviation aluminum 
  • Light source: CREE, LUXEON 3 Watt LED 
  • Lamp life: 100,000 hrs. 
  • Battery: 2x 18650 Type 4200mAH 
  • Dimensions: 34 x 345mm



    Weight with packaging 780 g 
    Lighting programs: Max, Medium, Low, Flash, SOS

    Note: The specified voltage in volts takes priority better penetration in eg thick garments. The effect on the body is not significantly different from devices with lower voltage.

    Effect of short electrostatic shocks: 
    Brief electric shocks from a quarter of a second duration can already deter an attacker and cause minor muscle contractions.

    Effective medium electric shocks: 
    An average service life of one to four seconds can bring an attacker to fall and cause disorientation.

    Effect of long electric shocks: 
    A full use of five seconds duration can cause the attacker to any controlled movements is more capable. Orientation and balance disorders can cause the opponent to fall and still affect him a few minutes later.

    Note: Each electric shock of about one second duration may bring an opponent to fall and thus lead to fall injuries. Put our instruments in an emergency or for self-defense!

    WARNING! - Do not test the device while charging. This can lead to its breakage!




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