KWC MP40 Non Blowback Magazine 4.5mm BB

KWCSKU: KW-107(KM-48X)

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MP40 Non Blowback Magazine


These magazines are only for the Co2 powered NBB (non-blowback) M&P40. Each magazine holds 1x Co2 cannister and 15 BB's, although each Co2 should last approximately 200 shots. Constructed out of metal, these magazines are nice and weighty adding an heir of realism to the gun. It is crucial to keep your finger off of the trigger when inserting the magazine, otherwise you risk damaging the gun.

These single stack magazines will also fit the KWC Taurus 24/7, though will protude slightly from the base of the 24/7's grip. Please note that it is NOT commutive; 24/7 magazines will NOT fit the M&P 40 due to the thicker baseplate.

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