Kratos Incognito for .50cal HDP (Choose Pack Size)


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The KRATOS INCOGNITO 2.0 for .50cal new ammunition for FULL POWER.  It has excellent penetration and increased KNOCK-OUT power with to 4 times more impact.


INCOGNITO from KRATOS ammo for .50cal consisting of a steel core (ball) covered with plastic sabot. With the INCOGNITO you can turn the Home Defence marker into an extremely rewarding and effective weapon. It can be used for recreational shooting.

Hybrid bullets consisting of a steel ball in a plastic sabot, for the Home Defence marker. Thanks to the weight and hardness of the steel core it easily penetrates glass, plastic, wood. The plastic sabot stabilizes the bullet in flight.

The INCOGNITO is a non reusable product.


  • Calibre: 50 RAM
  • Material: Steel & Plastic
  • Weight: 4.4 gram

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