Konnwei KW206 HUD & OBD2 Scanner


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KW206 OBD2 HUD gauge is a compact vehicle computer that connects to the diagnostic connector in seconds and gives you an extensive trip computer, real time gauges and trouble code reader. It can read fuel economy as you drive, tell you how fast you drive your car, tell you when you are going to run out of fuel and dozens of other functions. Installation takes only seconds and requires no tools. It can be moved from car to car. Works on gas, diesel, propane, and hybrid vehicles. KW206 works on all OBDII protocols including the new CAN protocol.


  • KW206 has multi-alarm functions, allowing the driver to drive the car more safely and avoid unnecessary dangers.
  • voltage alarm
  • High water temperature alarm
  • RPM(Revolutions Per Minute) alarm
  • Speeding alarm

Real-time monitoring

Monitoring the real-time car ECU data and display it on the four corners of the screen at the same time (up to 95 groups selectable), use KW206 OBD speedometer never miss any data!

Car OBD2 Code Scanner

KW206 Car OBD2 HUD includes a diagnostic scan tool that can check for Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), clear the codes, and turn off the "Check Engine" light on 1996 and newer vehicles. If any DTCs are found, KW206 code reader will show how many there are as well as the codes themselves. Then you can use the Internet or repair manual to find out which is the failed part is, so you can repair it yourself or know what needs to be fixed at the mechanic's shop.

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