Handheld UV Light With Torch

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DON'T get caught with FAKE Notes

 Works with  AA batteries not included.

 Checking hand stamps, finding pet stains, checking for bacteria, applying black light sensitive cosmetics, searching for antique glass, and our personal favorite... hunting for scorpions at night in the desert are just a few of the uses we've heard about.

Handheld fluorescent UV Black Light.

This unit uses a fluorescent black light bulb and 4 AA batteries.

An essential tool for Collectors, Valuers, Buyers and Sellers
use them to check for imperfections

Cracked, glued on or poor-quality ceramics, porcelain, ivory and glass.
The naked eye, even when trained, will overlook many cracks or flaws that scream out when
exposed to black light. Glued-on areas in porcelain or pottery are a dead giveaway.







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