GAMO PT85 Desert CO2 Pellet and BB Blowback Gun 4.5mm

GAMO PT85 Desert CO2 Pellet and BB Blowback Gun 4.5mm

  • R 2,553.00

PPT- 85 Blowback Series


In order to provide a realistic action and an authentic look and feel, all three pistols are equipped with the Blowback feature A technique utilizing a small portion of air to move the slide backward when "fired" Combine this with the rifled Steel barrel and textured grip, and you now have the ultimate air pistol package

The Tactical and Socom Series also have an extended barrel for added velocity allowing pellet speeds of up to 560FPS with PBA Platinum Pellets
The Tactical model is also equipped with a red laser, Tactical light and RGB Dot Sight


  • Rifled Steel barrel
  • Adjustable rear sight
  • Trigger safety
  • BlowBack action


  • Caliber (mm): 45
  • Weight (kg): 05
  • Lenght (cm): 18
  • Blowback system
  • Tactic design
  • Pistol CO2 semi- automatic
  • 16 Bulletsby magazine
  • Blow back action
  • Rifled Steel barrel
  • Trigger safety
  • Diamond checkered grip
  • Muzzle velocity: 138 m/s (with PBA platnium)
  • 16 shot magazine
  • Semi automatic action

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