Gamo Pro Hunter Pellets 4.5mm (.177 Cal) (250)

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Gamo Pro Hunter Pellets 4.5mm (.177 Cal) 250's

The Gamo Pro-Hunter pellets in .177 calibre are now fairly well established on the South African market. Slightly cheaper than the very good all-rounder, the Gamo Pro-Magnum pellets, they are similar in design except they feature a rounded dome type head instead of a point. 

The Gamo Pro-Hunter pellets weigh approximately 8.0 grains and come in tins containing 250 & 500 pellets. The dome configuration ensures that this pellet perfoms with terrific impact even when long distance is required. 

Rifles and air-rifles being what they are, you may just find this is the type and shape prefered by your rifle. Seeing that the Pro-Hunter pellets are like the rest of the clean-lined Gamo Pro- series of pellets, they are good quality accurate pellets with more than decent grouping qualities whilst being deadlyon vermin.

• 250 Pellets 
• Cal 4.5 0.51g 
• Cal .177 7,87gr



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