Gamo Mount 2-Piece Med TS-250

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Gamo Mount 2-Piece Med TS-250

The importance of using top quality sight mounts cannot be overstated. The mount secures your rifle´s aiming system and with accuracy totally dependent on the precision and quality of these essential accessories, and only the best like GAMO can do this.

  • Made from the highest grade aircraft aluminium.
  • Reversible clamp fits all dovetails from 9.3 mm to 13 mm.
  • All screws are fully recessed for smooth lines and added security.
  • Unique screw down recoil stop can be raised and lowered as  requiered: no more lost stops.

A weapon mount is a weapon component used to affix an armament for stabilization. Weapon mounts can be broken down into two categories: static mounts and non-static mounts.

A static mount is a non-portable weapon support component used on a self-propelled vehicle.

A bipod has two legs and provides stability along the left-to-right coordinate axis of motion.
The bipod permits the operator to rest the weapon on the ground, a low wall, or other object, reducing operator fatigue and permitting increased accuracy.
Bipods can be of fixed or adjustable length. Those of higher quality can be tilted and also have their tilting point close to the bore central axis, allowing the weapon to tilt left and right a small amount, allowing a quick horizontal sight picture on uneven ground and keeping the operator close to the ground. Bipods are for the most part folded forward, not back.

A tripod has three legs and provides stability along the left-to-right and fore-and-aft coordinate axis of motion. Tripods have the disadvantage of being heavy and bulky although when used in firing mode it has enough stability to be used with large firearms. Tripods are typically used on long-barreled, rapid-fire firearms.
The tripod permits the operator to rest the weapon on the ground and thus the gun feels lighter to the shooter and accuracy is increased.
Another form of tripod is the tripod gun handle. The tripod gun handle provides a forward vertical pistol grip plus a slide out pivotal tripod. It is attached to the gun by a picatinny rail. The legs of the tripod can be deployed by the press of a button and can be pushed back up into the vertical grip.

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