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The Ekol Alper Fume 9mm Blank Gun is a specific model of blank gun produced by Ekol. The Alper Fume is designed to replicate the appearance and operation of a real firearm chambered in 9mm caliber for training or security purposes.

Like all blank guns, the Ekol Alper Fume is modified to only fire blanks and can not discharge live ammunition. It features a blocked or plugged barrel to prevent the insertion of live rounds and incorporates safety mechanisms to ensure that only blanks can be fired.

The Alper Fume model is typically made from durable materials such as metal or polymer, providing a realistic weight and feel. It may include additional features like a semi-automatic action, realistic blowback, and a magazine capacity for multiple blanks.

It’s important to note that while the Alper Fume 9mm Blank Gun cannot fire live ammunition. It still produces loud noise and muzzle flash when firing blanks. Proper safety precautions should always be followed when handling any type of blank gun to minimize potential risks and ensure safe usage.

Manufacturer Website:

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More About Ekol:

Ekol is a renowned manufacturer of blank guns, producing a wide range of models such as pistols and revolvers specifically designed for firing blanks. These blank guns closely resemble real firearms and are constructed from durable materials. When handling Ekol blank guns, it’s crucial to adhere to local laws and safety guidelines.



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These are not firearms but as far as the safety aspect goes-
these should be treated as a firearm even though blank guns do not fire a projectile. Do not expect the performance of a firearm from a blank/pepper pistol because
by definition they are not designed to perform as a firearm. Emptying multiple/several magazines filled WITH ROUNDS CONSECUTIVELY AMOUNTS TO ABUSE
of the product. Any alterations to the product as that will void the limited warranty, Stripping of the product voids the
warranty, Removing the barrel plugs or rods from the barrel will also void the limited warranty and is also considered illegal.

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