Defy Conquest 68 Cal Paintball mArker

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Introducing the D3fy Conqu3st Paintball Gun - your entry into the world of paintball with a durable fused feed neck and hilt wraparound grip for ultimate control. With a quick disconnect cocking pin, self-lubricating Delrin bolt, and dual ball detents, this .68 caliber semi-automatic is perfect for beginners. Take on the competition with confidence and style.

Embrace your first paintball match with the D3fy Conqu3st Paintball Gun. This .68-caliber marker is perfect for beginners, with its fused feed neck and hilt wraparound grip providing a sturdy and comfortable hold. Its high-strength polymer trigger frame is durable and absorbs shock, while the sleek aluminum design keeps it lightweight. With the Conqu3st paintball gun, you'll be ready for action in no time. Features include a Delrin bolt with quick disconnect cocking pin for easy maintenance, dual ball detents to prevent double feeding, and an ergonomic hilt wraparound grip. The gun also comes with an Autococker barrel thread, hose fittings, spare parts kit, and owner's manual. Barrel length measures 10.5 inches.

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