Daran Ener NEO 1500W 1075WH Portable Solar Generator - SA Plugs

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Daranener NEO1500 Portable Power Station | 1500W 1075Wh

Explore NEO Portable Power Stations
From the World's Leading battery manufacturers

EV Grade LiFePO4 Batteries
EV grade LiFePO4 batteries specialized in high-end applications such as electric and hybrid vehicles.
Due to the stringent requirements for consistency, even if the same LiFePO4 battery, the quality and performance of EV grade is much higher than ordinary grade.

Wall Socket - Ultra Fast Charging Mode 1.8Hrs

Excellent Industrial Design by Daranener

Safety from the Inside Out
Protection by Daranener BMS
Over-charging & discharging

Anti-Impact Design
Anti-impact, anti-UV, and UL94(V-0) flame retardant - Daranener NEO serials are built to last for years of reliable use.

The Quietest Solar Generator Series

Powerful yet Silent
NEO Series solar generators are no louder than 48 decibels at full load.
50 decibels is as loud as a quiet conversation, a quiet suburb, a quiet office or a quiet refrigerator.
This means that the maximum noise level of the NEO Series solar generator is much quieter than a softly humming refrigerator.

Power Your Life Anywhere, Anytime
The portable power station is equipped with a massive 1075Wh capacity and huge 1500W AC output to conveniently power almost any appliance-from off-grid life essentials such as microwaves and refrigerators to pro tools like power drills and high output lights.

Plastic (ABS+PC V0 Fireproof)
Dark Black + Metal Grey
1 Type of Panel
LCD Power Display/Input and Output Power/Error
Warning/Cell Temperature/USB AC DC-OUT
Wireless Charge Indicator
Cell Type: LFP LiFePO4
Cell Model: Gotion 27AH
Capacity/mAh: 27AH
Quantity/pcs: 16/24
Single cell voltage/V: 3.2V
Cell life: 3000 Cycles 80%
Grouping type: 2P8S

Capacity and Energy
Energy/ WH: 1382.4WH
Capacity/mAh: 432000mAh/360000mAh

AC Interface
Interface Standard: SA 3 Pin
Inverter Type: "Intelligent Inverter System Bi-directional Inverter Technology "
Rated Output Voltage: 220V-240V
Power Rating/W: 1500W
Peak Power/W: 2600W MIN
Overload Protection: "Protection Method: 1400W/10S, 2100W/1S"
Short Circuit Protection: Yes
Default Frequency: 50Hz
Frequency Switch: Yes
Sleep Mode: "AC with sleep function 3W, sleep in 10 minutes "
Conversion Efficiency: 92%
Cigarette Lighter Interface: 1

USB Interface:
"USB-A1x2: 5V=2.4A(12W)
USB-A2(QC3.0)x2: 5V/9V/12V(18W)
Type-C (PD/QC3.0)x2: 5V/9V/12V/20V5A(100W)"

USB-C interface: No
DC interface: 4
DC Interface Type: 5521

LED Light: Yes
Power: 3W

1, Always On
2, Medium Brightness
3, Blink Mode
4, SOS Mode

Solar Input Interface
Type: XT60
Charging Voltage Range: 48V 20A max
Power: 33~60V/20A (Recommended48V 800W)
Parallel Port: Yes
Full Charge Time: 1.2h

Adapter Charging
Adapter Specifications: 1200W
Adapter Full Charge Time: About 1.5h

AC Charging (Wall Charger)
Charging Power: 1300w
Full Charge Time: about 1.2h

PD Charging
PD Charging Power: No
PD Full Charge Time: No

Anderson Charging
Charging Power: , Replaced by XT60
Full Charge Time: , Replaced by XT60

Simultaneous Charge-and-Discharge Function: Yes

Noise Level
No Load Noise: 50dB
Full Load Noise: 50dB

UPS Function
Available: Yes
"Switching Time (Battery-powered to Mains-Powered)" : Switch Time 15ms

Operating Temperature : -20 45
Storage Temperature: -20 +60

Storage Method: Charge the product regularly to keep the power above 60%

Dimension (LxWxH)
Product Dimension: 44x23.5x29.5 CM
Package Dimension: 53.6x32.2x42.7CM

Product Weight
Net Weight/KG: 18.8

Global Certification:

Technical Points
1, Support parallel function, can support up to 6 same model units
2, Support fast charging function, fully charged within 2 hours
3, Support UPS function
4, Intelligent Inverter System Bi-directional Inverter Technology
5, Support high-power solar charging (300W MAX)
6, Automatic frequency switching (off-grid requires manual setting)

Selling Point
Bi-directional fast charging (bi-directional inverter) + Safety battery (LFP) + High power UPS function + Support parallel unit function

Future Upgrade
Next generation: support APP/4G/portable/home energy storage all-in-one

What's in the box
1 x Neo 1500 Power Station
1 x AC Plug
1 x Instruction Manual

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