Classic Mini Compressor - Non-Auto Shutdown For PCP Rifles

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Classic Mini Compressor - Non-Auto Shutdown



The Classic Mini Compressor is a portable compressor. A compressor is a handy tool to power equipment, using high pressure air to create energy in order to power your desired equipment. Ideal for DIY-ers and at home hobbyists.


Has handy carry handle, traffic cone orange in colour.

Dimensions:  L350 * W175 * H383 * ( UNIT MILLIMETER )

Weight: 18 Kg.

Sound level: 82 dB

Cooling method: Internal fan and exterior water cooled - Water pump and piping incl, pre-installed. User supplied water cooling. Water circulates through the pump.

Two stage compression

Power supply: 220V @ 50hz


Temperature protected up to 176°F / 80°C

CHARGING RATE: 5 minutes: 300BAR /0.5 Liter

Dedicated digital thermostat, runs off seperate battery supply.

300 BAR connector hose incl, w/ 1/8" BSP Female Coupler and brass filtration hub (Filter cottons replaceable)

Stands on rubber ferules, no contact w/ ground/surface.

Heats up to 35°C beyond 2000 PSI, necessitating water coolant switch above 3000 PSI. Water will be kettle-hot at that stage, just beware.

Readings shown in PSI as well as MPa. Guage is oil-filled.

Machine WILL NOT automatically switch off, therefore, close attention to the pressure guage on both rifle and on the machine is necessitated.

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