ASG 19216 Mesh Mask Ear Protect Metal Lower Half


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ASG is well known name in the business of replica air guns, firearm and also accessories. In fact, leader in this business, ActionSportGames (ASG) manufactures premium quality replicas of CO2 guns, air guns, airsoft guns and firearms. Moreover, they are specialized in 1:1 scale accessories and replica airsoft guns for entertainment, collections, fun activity and sports.

ASG headquarter is in Denmark and their subsidiaries are located in UK, US, Sweden and France. ASG is the proud innovative manufacturer of the brilliant CZ EV03 A1 AEG and they have also introduces variety of different version of airsoft guns in the market.

The main goal of ASG is to become top list suppliers in the world of replica air guns and accessories all over the world. In fact they have great customer care service. Currently ASG is showing presence in more than 60 countries and also working as an international corporation.





Very similar to our ‘Metal mesh mask with cheek pads’ this mask features a mesh cup on the cheek pad to cover and protect the ear. The mesh allows for less muffled sounds and better headset compatibility.

The mask still offers superior comfort and protection. This combo nylon/metal grid mask covers the lower face, features fully adjustable upper, and lower elastic straps as well as rear retention webbing insert, which keeps the straps in place on the head. The soft padded nylon sides of the mask follow the contours of the face and allow easy shouldering of any rifle, so the mask does not get in the way of a clear sight picture. The metal mesh adjusts for a perfect fit. Must be use with safety goggles.

Overall Weight:150gr/lb

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