68 Cal Silicon Night Vision Blue 100's

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Premium Quality Blue Fluorescent Rubber Silicon Balls in 68 cal.
Amazing Visual Experience in the Dark: The balls glow in the dark thanks to their blue fluorescence. Keep the balls for a short time under the light (e.g. under flashlight from the smartphone). Then bring them into the dark, their unique blue florescent colour will start to shine.
Premium Quality Blue Fluorescent Rubber Balls mixed with Silicon in 68 caliber (every single ball weighs 3,2 gr.)
High-quality product, made in EU Standards.
Soft Rubber Balls with Strong Effects: These balls are also very good for home and self-defence
ATTENTION! Please read the simple instructions below ”HOW DO THEY GLOW?” before using them.

Additional information
Weight 0.390 kg
Ball weighs 3,2 gr.
Box weighs 390 gr.
Caliber 68
Colour Blue fluorescence
One Box 100 pcs.

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