50 Cal Rubber Steel Balls 100's

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100 pieces of Hard Mix Rubber Steel balls for paintball and defence guns in 50 caliber
Premium Quality Item: The balls are made of very strong rubber (50%) and uniformly mixed with steel powder (50%)
Very accurate, engineered precise and smooth.
They are rounder and much heavier than comparable balls on the market.
One Box (100 pcs) weighs around 290gram (0,65 lb)
One single ball is around 2,8 gram
This projectile has real stopping power. Very accurate.
Top Quality Item for Training, Home and Self Defense.

Additional information
Weight 0.289 kg
Ball weighs 2,8 gr.
Box weighs 289 gr.
Caliber 50
Colour Black
One Box 100 pcs.
Rubber 50%
Steel powder 50%

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