Waterproof IP Network camera | Night vision | Motion detection | WiFi |

Waterproof IP Network camera | Night vision | Motion detection | WiFi |

  • R 1,167.25

 Waterproof IP Wireless Network camera  - Night vision, Motion detection,WiFi 


  • Day or night, see who's there. 
  • Setup 4 cameras, and monitor different rooms. 
  • See it all, know it all, and catch them all, worldwide surveillance at a click of your mouse Records audio and video, so listen to what their saying even if they are hiding from the camera.



  • CMOS, M-JPEG CMOS 300, 000 pixel,  
  • 0.1 Lux/F1.2 for outdoor use  
  • Distance is 25m, 36PCS 5mm Lights & Accessories,  
  • standard lens 6mm, optional lens 3.6mm, 8mm,  
  • Infrared light opens automatically,  
  • DC5V 2A with waterproof function and high quality  



  • IP Camera 
  • Mounting Plate 
  • Wall Screws x 2 
  • Power Adapter (100 - 240v) 
  • CD (User Manual - English, IP Camera Application)  



  • What will happen if each IP camera uses of the same given or default IP? 

Using the same IP on each camera will cause an IP conflict. Make sure you read the user manual carefully and thoroughly before installing the IP camera. If you are not an IT "savvy" individual then you should consult an IT technician to help you install this unit. 

  • Do I need a user name and password to access the admin controls once I visit the IP address of the security camera? 

Yes, located in the user manual are the default user name and password, once you have logged in to the admin controls, make sure you change the default user name and password to something that you can remember but difficult for someone else to guess. 

  • Does the Motion detection have an included sensitivity control? 

Yes, it does, after you install the IP camera log onto the admin panel and select the sensitivity option that best suits your needs. It is recommended that you test each sensitivity option as to best determine what it should be for your given need 

  • What does IP stand for? Is this like a security camera?  

IP stands for Internet Protocol. This kind of camera can be used like a security surveillance or webcam, the choice is yours. 

 *colour and design may vary depending on stock on hand 




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