Pin Art 3-Dimensional Pin Sculpture

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- This classic novelty kids toy is one of the best creative thinking toys out there! Not only requiring you to create 3D designs but it allows for a diverse way of approaching and manipulating the metal pins. Make this metal pin art board one of your hot toys in your childrens toy box.
- Simply press an object into this wall of metal pins to leave an incredibly detailed impression of it. This pin art board will provide countless hours of fun with everyone trying to come up with new things to place against. The possibilities of ideas are countless.
- You can use your hands, face, feet or any everyday objects like toys and shapes pressed onto the pins, which will create amazing 3D sculptures. It can help enhance the focus in kids as they develope their imaginative minds through discovery of items used. The impression remains intact as long as the device is not shaken and placed face up so pins slid back.
- Makes the perfect pastime activity at home or school recess playtime. These kids toys are the perfect companions for any game room with family board games collections. Have a nostalgic feeling from this truly classic pin game.
- Made of silver metal pins and a sturdy black plastic frame.

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