21W Dual USB Solar Charger for Android Smart Phones | Folding Solar Panel - Security and More

21W Dual USB Solar Charger for Android Smart Phones | Folding Solar Panel

  • R 740.00

Waterproof Fold-able Solar Power Charger Solar Cell Phone for Travelers:



  • 21W high efficiency solar panel, for quick charging;
  • 5V USB port, compatible with most 5V mobile products;
  • Stabilized voltage, providing constant current for charging, by facing to sunlight;
  • With a pocket to hold your device for safe storage during charging;
  • With carabiner hooks for hanging at anywhere with plenty of sunlight;
  • Compatible with all kinds of mobile phones, iPods, MP3 players, MP4 players, cameras and other 5V electric products.


  • Fast Smart Charge Technology: with intelligent charging technology which can detect the needed current for you and the 21watts 5V/2A Dual USB fast charge output powered by 2 high-efficiency Sunpower solar panels. Up 21.5-23.5% of solar power transforms into free energy and can charge two USB devices simultaneously.
  • Compatible: fully compatible with Apple iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Galaxy, HTC, GOOGLE, blackberry, mobile phones, tablet computers, digital cameras etc.
  • Really Portable to take: Folded size: 290*170*30mm, Opened size:700*290*16mm, it's foldable, thinner and lighter than most books, you can take for Hiking, Climbing, Camping etc, just need hanging on your bag or place on the ground under the sunlight and then you can power your USB devices.
  • Quite Durable: Made by high strength PET panels laminated SunPower solar cells and waterproof PVC fabric canvas.
  • 100% Customer Satisfied Support: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all our supporters, we are confident that you will much impress with it. If you have any problem please do not forget to contact us.
  • Dual USB Ports: Dual USB ports with maximum 3.0A output and capability of charging two devices simultaneously. Keep your devices fully charged when you are outdoors or during power outages.
  • Wide Compatibility:                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - One solar charger is for all USB gadgets, including Android devices, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, power banks, toys, camping lanterns, flashlight, GPS, PSP, digital cameras other USB-supported devices.                                                                                               - Ideal for camping, hiking, backpacking, cycling, kayaking, climbing, picnic and all kinds of outdoor activity. Lightweight eco-friendly power source. Emergency back-up power.


Power Output Unfolded Size Folded Size
15W Dual USB 5V  700*290*16mm 290*170*30mm

Package List: 
1 * 21W folding solar panel 
1 * User Manual.

This product doesn't contain a built-in battery. To protect your device being charged from overheating in direct sunlight, please place the phone under the cool and well-ventilated area, and connect the phone with the solar charger under sunlight via a USB cable. 
While the polyester canvas provides some water protection, we recommend minimizing moisture exposure to protect electrical components. 
One Year replacement warranty against malfunction and factory defects.






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